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    Titanium owner titanium standard parts

    Titanium bolt (outside six angle / inner six angle), titanium screw (the first of the word head cross head), titanium, titanium screw,

    M3-M20 all kinds of specifications, can also be in accordance with the requirements of customers to produce a variety of non - standard parts

    The company has a complete set of titanium standard production equipment, including titanium standard parts production titanium rod, titanium rod, titanium standard parts stamping machine, titanium standard milling machine, titanium standard parts production CNC processing center, etc..

    Titanium standard parts often do brands are: TA1, TA2, TA8, TA9, GR1 GR2 GR5 TA10

    Titanium standard parts supply standard: GB, ASME, DIN

    Titanium and titanium alloy standard parts: titanium and titanium alloy standard parts, is widely used in aircraft, rockets, artificial satellites, military, chemical, shipbuilding, light industry, textile, medical and petrochemical and other fields.

    Titanium standard parts

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